Váš nákupný košík je prázdny


A beer bath contains a number of ingredients that have been used in naturopathy since ancient times. Natural extracts that produce beer, such as brewer’s yeast, selected hop varieties, malt and the beer itself are in the bath.

High hop oil content contributes to unclogging skin pores and total
vitalization, while brewer's yeast with its high vitamin B content and active enzymes beneficially regenerate the skin. Thanks to this unique combination of natural ingredients and the magical action of oak, always a symbol of longevity and durability, bathing in beer stimulates metabolism, washes away harmful substances and releases away internal tension, fatigue and stress.

Description of the Procedure

SAUNA (20 min.)

BEER BATH (20 min.)

You bathe in natural extracts inside handmade oak tubs.
It is recommended to enter without a swimsuit, although this is at your own discretion. You can even pour a beer during your beer bath.


Straw lets your body absorb all the vitamins and extracts from the bath. Minimum 20 minutes rest.


1 person - € 45

2 persons - € 60

Do not shower several hours afterward to achieve the ultimate effect. Don’t worry about unwanted odors as your body will have the scent of a mixture of hops as the brewer’s yeast softens and smooths your skin. Beer baths are not suitable for people with high blood pressure or after cardiac surgery, for women three or more months pregnant and for children under 15.

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