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Spending time in a sauna is the ideal way to relax! It has health benefits both physically and mentally. People feel like they have been born again! Sauna means rotating between lying or sitting in the hot sauna itself and cooling yourself down outside of it. The positive effects are undeniable. If you are seeking long-term benefits for your immune system, to prevent disease or just overall relaxation, you should be spending some time regularly at a sauna (at least once a week).

Finnish Sauna

The cornerstone of Finnish saunas is the alternating action of heat and cold. Blood vessels expand, blood circulation accelerates and more sweat is produced.
This has a beneficial effect on the human body’s organs and systems. It has an impact not only on your current physical and mental state, but also provides an enjoyable and effective way to prevent disease and stress.

Steam Sauna

Steam saunas exploit the pleasant effects of heat, moist steam, enfleurage and peace. Unlike the climate in a classic dry sauna, steam saunas are like taking a warm, moist bath. Both the humidity in the air and the relatively low temperature create together a climate in many ways beneficial to the human body. In a steam sauna there is a pleasant feeling of rejuvenation, regeneration and relaxation.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are particularly suitable for athletes, while helping everyone else fight flu and colds, remove cellulite and burn off calories to lose weight, as well as providing benefits to anyone with rheumatism and many other health issues. Infrared saunas make you sweat and are also designed for medical treatments. They are also appropriate for people with high blood pressure or difficulties lying down in the high temperatures found at traditional saunas.

Kneipp Foot Bath

This is treatment for stimulating blood circulation. Alternate heating and cooling of the legs in water expands the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a comprehensive therapy for the human body physically and mentally. A whirlpool is a suitable environment for asthmatics and anyone with respiratory disorders. The warm swirling water helps to accelerate the healing of minor internal injuries, post-operative conditions and bruises. The heat from the water and the pulsating jets provide a wonderful spa experience, reducing stress and relaxing the muscles.

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