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Treat yourself to a touch of the exotic

A Thai massage is something unique for the body and muscles characterized by stretching and
intense, deep tissue acupressure. Classical Thai massages are currently considered a medical discipline for treating various difficulties. Its roots date back to 2500 BC and the effects have been verified and refined over the years. Traditional
Thai massage not only involves massaging muscles and joints, but also working with acupressure points along invisible Ten Thai massage or energy pathways. All of them are located about 2 centimeters below the skin and pass through the entire body. Squeezing the points along these pathways stimulates the flow of internal energy (the air element) in the body, directly treating diseased organs and glands and removing toxins from tissues. The combination of energetic and physical aspects is what makes Thai massage unique and very effective. Traditional Thai massage is a deep massage that concentrates on treating the whole body, starting with the feet and ending at the head.

Traditional Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage, based on the concept of energy meridians, is one of the oldest treatment methods around. By combining elements of acupressure and yoga, it uses a passive method of stretching the entire body. A therapist using point pressure techniques removes all energy blocks. This type massage increases flexibility and mobility, improves breathing and holding up the body and helps to treat disorders in joints and muscles.

Thai Oil Massage

Natural oils imported from Thailand are used for a relaxing aromatic oil massage, stimulating the body and mind. The sedative effects last for several days. Different oil massages invigorate, relax or detoxify the body.

Thai Back and Neck Massage

This type of massage focuses on the stiff muscles in the back and neck. It is an effective way to combat persistent headaches and any motor blockades. This intense, deep massage includes acupressure techniques to effectively relieve muscle tension, remove blockades in energy pathways, increase flexibility and eliminate headaches and neck pain. It provides relief from chronic pain, fatigue and stress.

Thai Herbal Massage

Hot herbal cushions filled with a special mixture of different aromatic and medicinal Thai herbs from ancient recipes are used for this type massage. Heated pads loosen stiff muscles gradually, helping to stimulate natural blood circulation in the body. The aroma-therapeutic effect on the body is itself also pronounced

Thai Royal Massage

Indulge your body with royal care and attention. The entire body receives a royal oil massage with the four hands of two Thai therapists massaging at the same time.

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